Who gets to invite a real wizard to attend their birthday?! Wizzbang the Wizard appears with a flash of fire and entertains everyone with his amazing wizardry skills, the sorcerer’s stone, the ghostly rope, magical creatures, the flight of the Phoenix and the Cauldron of Fire. See amazing magical feats and hear wonderful stories.

The Wizzbang Magic Show is a fully interactive, exciting and magical experience for all the family which has been enjoyed by thousands of children in Adelaide, South Australia.

Quality Family Entertainment for all ages.
Participation and involvement with the Magic.
Fun, comedy and amazing magic.

The Wizzbang Magic Show is clean, fun, and amazing! Sit back and relax knowing that your guests are about to experience a fantastic show. Wizzbang’s show is unique and one of a kind. Everyone will be thanking you for booking the best entertainment around!

The Wizzbang Magic Show includes special effects, music, balloons and magic that surprises everyone.

Wizzbang is a kind, gentle performer who can adapt to the shyest of children and the loudest of parties. He has the show that meets your needs. Additional activities such as crafts or learning a simple magic trick can be incorporated into the special day.

Please call 0438 055 188 if you need a wizard at your party